Friday, March 26, 2010

Grill night

today,i manage to get up early in the morning to coach swimming at pusat belia..after that,since its bring me and my brothers to Favorates' to eat lunch..felt tired,soo nap nap nap and woke up at 5pm..felt bored,nothing to i start to do my homework til now..yet not 1 of my homework is finished..feels like i wanna do maths next..currently im doin english composition..dari tadi nyamu alum tah siap-siap nya..and believe me,its now about 700words..the teacher said "the more,the better"..soo yeah,im gonna do 1k+ words..

felt bored in the middle,so i cooked this
Grilled sausage,crabstick and 2mm thin beef..dont know about u guys but it was sooo..agghhh...dont know how to put the words in but lets just say it was hot and yummy..then mom saw me busy making dangki-dangki..she asked me to start the fire on the BBQ stands -_-

anyways,got to go.the grilled food are callin my name..later~dont wanna be ya~hahaha

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Man.U vs Liverpool

DEEP Liverpool lead 5mins after kickoff..then foul,man.U got a free penalty(macharano karas but lack of chillin)..AHH~u guys know the story all need for me to tell u every thing..hmm..pity them,Liverpool,Rafa normally goes at the front of the bench and gives commands like a pro manager..but just now,he just sit his ass and watch..not like the other manager..makan chewinggum pun manang..


maybe its because of the losing matches before man.U makes liverpool just playing save from relegation zone..and make way for the next season a 'season to remember'

NICE PLAYED MAN.U..1/4winning matches against Liverpool =P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

a one week story update =)

hahahahaha....behabuk~! hmm..busy busy busy..and now its school holidays..i can blog and do whatever i what!!!swimming season is in April..but 1thing that always make me wanna go "aaaahh!!~" are my homeworks,

Math - 30+ ques

Geo - 1 essay minimum 2papers back to back,
2papers of ques and ans

Plus i dont have a notes to find away to finish all of it..soo web-ing,tab-ing,read-ing,research-ing,stream-ing here i go...hmmm..enough about homeworks..

Let me list down what did i do last week til now;

  1. watched the JIS concert with eX,end up at Nasi Katok Jerudong to chill and eat
  2. school on monday,Usuluddin,student and teacher,Surah Al-Yasin and 'air baca-bacaan'
  3. tuesday,frisbee with Hafiz,Amal,Dibah and was fun to play,boring to watch
  4. wedsday,got PS in the afternoon,soo i went to smja,watched my 'juniors'(repeater 5or1&2 2010)..then gian2main lah
  5. thursday,last day of school,PS after registration,english o' class,then got something goin on in the MPH(dewan),math class,teacher gives holiday homework and classwork which makes it homework due to unfinish work in class-_-
  6. well,before no.5.Geng PS 3 suruh escape class,then i was like 'Bah bah mana saja' while walking to the math class,then all of them went to there own class.u guys should thank me.HAHAHA
  7. geo afternoon class,hafiz send me to gadong,train with eX!1 for the tournament and the drawings at night.score was 16-7(lose) dust2,15-15(draw)inferno,16-5(lose)nuke and 16-2(lose)train
  8. friday,tournament started..eX2 matches was at 8.30-12midnight.and yeah,that was freakin late.eX2 lose all 3matches btw,
  9. Saturday,last match against ext..won 16-9 at nuke..we just beat one of the 'potential' team in brunei,we ALSO got potential..HAHA..soo day turns to be joyful,after an experience tournament,we won 1 match and lose 3 matches.we got potential(BALIK-BALIK~!)
  10. soo last night,eX1 deep,lose 16-5..nevermind,both eX team got the same results ending up on the 4th position in the group table.WE GOT POTENTIAL!!
  11. crash at zul's with aziz,fikri,haadi and fathul,sobber sad night,soo we were hungry subuh2 meronda nasi katok mama.then went back to continue our sobber nights
  12. now,sunday..donno what to do..zul,jln ke sekulah dont know whats we're stuck doin our on personal stuff like aziz limpang2 sanaaaa then,fathul main ps3,haady and fikri main tibia arah,myself and i blogging
soo i think thats it for now..btw I GOT POTENTIAL!!!!HAHAHAHA!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

E! Fashion police

watched it on astro chnl712...its about the fashion comments by the E! host fashion people.its about the grami'aa duang bepakaian duhang ucap-ucap..hmmm..duang hani inda juha sebapa..ngucap-ngucap uwang,di'ie sama juha cala.hantap cala nya.inda senunuh lagi..uwang putieh tah banaa..apa nya duang uwang putieh "1 mistake will make it the talk of the year"..hantam tah kamu..

antaie beranang ku..mengajaa kanak-kanak d bandaa a'ah pusat belia..ka'ang gi ada cs match ni..bah2 chow *doom-doom*

weekdays in PTEK kiding,collage is hard and tiring..i've been busy with my homeworks,for the past few days my,english O,maths and geo teachers gave me classworks and homeworks..well,mostly the classworks turns to homeworks,due to unfinished work in class -__-

on the brightside,i've picked my cca,so im taking swimming,chess and fritzby(dont know how to spell it)..Usuluddin on the other side..hmmm..haven't started the lesson,we just read the surah Yasin and the teacher just explain each and every sentence..

Oh yeah!the funnies thing about my geo teacher is when she introduce geo and explain the syllabus to us..then she said "in Geo,U all must have sex"..well,the boys laugh and the girls was like 'wtf'...ahhahaha..then she explain that sex means;

S - significant idea

E - explanation

X - exampls

then every body was like 'ooooooooooh~'...AHAHHAAHA...

today,i finished my maths homework after the afternoon class..finished it in the student lounge i think..OMG! PTEK got a lounge for students?hahaha..well,i dont really know what room is that..located above the dining hall,has air-cons,2computers,chairs and long desks and even a set of sofa...does that look like a lounge to you?

after that,me and hafiz wander around the school blocks and found this,
on the notice board...HAHAHHA..Its,the kedayan club advert..soo sapa saja yg bermienat kan mahsuk klab kedayan ani..dipersila kan huntuk semuha penuntut-penuntut PTEK sahaja..lagi dahulu ngahada pulg ni klab kedayan a'ah PTEK ani..mana jua ulah,mun nya miani banyak kedayan a'ah sekulah atu jua..biaa tiha kuhat hantap kedahyan nya lagi

HAHAHA..anyway,i'll update the blog if im not that busy with my homeworks and shit..aight laterr~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i'll update this blog soon..i've been busy with collage soo yeah,


Sunday, March 7, 2010

What A Week

HUH!im tired,soo im gonna cut this was the last day of competition..i won 1Gold,2silver and 3bronze..tomorrow got school..its my 2nd day in PTEK..i heard that i missed alot of infos' when i was absent on saturday..

I asked some of the BEs,and they said that tomorrow,all the BEs wear the PE T-shirt,morning class and afternoon the 3rd orientation begin,bring $10 to open BIBD's account and the "Ice breaking" event(idk what the F is that)

soo i'll update it tomorrow..gtg to bed.i am so freakin tired -____-

Oh yeah,after i finished my last event..fathul came to the pool,planed to go gadong after that..soo i showered up and then go gadong.eX got matches at NC.its been nearly 1 week ignoring them due to swimming and school..eX gonna change name into some thing we havent decided yet..sooo LATEEEEERR~